The Mosh Pit of your Mind – It’s More Than Money

This Week on It’s More Than Money, Kye speaks with published author and visionary leader, Tom Corner. He’s an expert guide and influencer for leaders, students, athletes and employees.

Tom specialises in helping accomplished men and women who’ve hit the wall of frustration to find a deep level of meaning and fulfilment. ‘Without realising it, most people live their lives based on the expectations of others. Whether or not they admit it the majority of men and women feel stuck’ They compromise who they are meant to be and make excuses for why their life isn’t fulfilling. They live in the place of “quiet desperation” until one day it all falls apart’.

We discuss the unique and very insightful concept Tom has pioneered, being The Mosh Pit Of Your Mind, how our mind is an interesting thing but it can play tricks on us that convince us we are less than we are meant to be. Tom shares his own story about how his mind was a dangerous place to be alone, yet through an enlightened experience realised his mind was a powerful tool and resource. You will learn a powerhouse strategy to get you to the top of your game.

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