Tell Me I Can Do It

“Tell me I can do it.” I said to my friend as we were about to embark onto the next routine in our workout of the day.

The words You’re tired, You can’t do it, You are going to get hurt flashed through my mind, then I turned towards my friend, smiled and said “Tell me I can do it.” (Yeah, kind of a weird thing to say.)

Although I already told myself that I could do it, despite my body sending messages otherwise, I thought it would be interesting to ask him to “Tell me I can do it.”

He looked back at me with a smirk, that this was unnecessary, kindly obliged and proceeded to say “Yes, you can do it.”

Because, the only thing between my success and failure was my mind. I could have easily quit and said I had enough, but I pushed through my fatigue and pain to complete the final routine in the workout of the day.

When my wife was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma I don’t think she needed anyone to tell her she could do it, that she could overcome this life altering diagnosis. She already told herself that she could do it and was determined to find a way to triumph.

During that six-month period there were hundreds, if not thousands, of times her body sent her messages that she couldn’t do it. Through all of the pain, fatigue and lack of sleep she was determined to succeed.

In a way, “Tell me I can do it was what she had to utter to herself over and over again. Just that little, constant, reminder to herself that she could push through all of this and succeed was what it took.

Another day of treatments, I can do it. Another rep in my workout, I can do it. Another page in my book, I can do it. Another mile in the marathon, I can do it! Our minds are so powerful allowing us, our bodies, to accomplish things never fathomed before. My wife triumphed because she told herself, “I can do it!”

The next time you take on something new, a project at work, a new workout the gym, a new assignment at school or even faced with a challenge you did not ask for, how will you succeed? Can you truly tell yourself that you can do it?

Listen to your inner voice, because you may hear a lot of ‘noise’ that you need to push aside. When you know you are truly ready, look at a friend, co-worker, spouse coach or doctor and say “Tell me I can do it.”

Remember, no matter the day or the time of year, if you look up towards the heavens to see clouds, know that the sun is still shining. All it takes is a knowing that the sun is there, just hidden for a moment. It takes an inner belief and determination that you can push through and see beyond the clouds, because the sun will be waiting and shining brightly…always.

Tell me I can do it.

Love and Happiness!