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Do People Cough, Sneeze and Breathe Healthy Germs?

When someone coughs, sneezes or breathes near you cover your face! Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands, as well. You do not want to breathe their germs because you do not want to get sick. This is a good practice for everyone.

Why? Because when people cough, sneeze and breathe germs those germs can make other people unhealthy, or sick. We want to make sure we remain safe by sanitizing and killing 99.9% of germs.

Here’s a thought; do people cough, sneeze or breathe healthy germs which can make other people healthy? How do you know which germs are bad and which germs are good, or healthy?

We believe that all germs are bad. We believe that when someone sneezes we will get sick. We believe that when someone coughs we better run for the hills. We definitely do not want to breathe the same air the sick person is breathing. Why? Because germs are bad and make us sick.

What about good germs? Hasn’t anyone ever told you about good germs? Do people cough, sneeze or breathe healthy germs which makes other people healthy? You don’t believe that, do you? Why not?

How is it that we, as a society, believe germs are bad and germs will make us sick and kill us? If this were true we would all be dead by now and the human race would be extinct. But, it hasn’t happened. Why?

Could it be our bodies thrive on germs, i.e. bacteria, trillions of them? Could it be our bodies are miracles of nature, or dare I say of God, and we have an immune system that is intended to maintain a balance in the body to keep us alive and thriving? A harmony of sorts. (By the way, a germ is bacteria and bacteria is a germ. And a virus is a germ and a germ a virus.)

Why do people die; Old age? Accidents? Ah, illness and disease! That’s it! Illness and disease are what scares the shit out of us. How do we avoid illness and disease? By avoiding germs? Nah! Not really.

How about maintaining a strong immune system? Maybe feeding our bodies foods that are not processed, foods that are not manufactured, foods that are natural (I mean really natural, not the ‘Natural Ingredients’ we read on the food labels which are derived from natural ingredients to then be processed, manufactured and manipulated, but they came from 100% Natural Ingredients.) What about maintaining the proper balance, or harmony, in our blood and interstitial fluid? How about that?

Why is it that we only believe that people can cough, sneeze and breathe bad germs? Why don’t we believe we can cough, sneeze and breathe healthy germs?

Well, because we choose to see the germ and the disease as the culprit. It makes perfect sense because sickness means death and we want to avoid death at all costs. We will fight, we will attack, we even kill in order to avoid death.

Why hasn’t anyone studied healthy germs? What hasn’t anyone studied healthy bodies, embraced health and truly searched for the cures to disease rather than kill and remove the disease which doesn’t prevent it from recurring once again?

According to the Mayo Clinic ‘..some germs are difficult enemies because they’re constantly mutating to breach your immune system’s defenses. Knowing how germs work can increase your chances of avoiding infection.’

What about knowing how our immune system works and ways to keep our immune system strong to mitigate all and any opportunity for disease? How about a strong immune system which allows our body to thrive despite these ‘difficult enemies’ trying to break our immune system? Is anyone studying that? Has anyone told you that is where the cure resides?

Nope! Although I know a number of people who have done exactly that over the last century, but no one seems to know who they are. A few of them are as follows,  Otto Warburg (On the Origin of Cancer Cells), Peter Duesberg (Inventing the AIDS Virus), Dr. Robert O. Young (The pH Miracle). Why haven’t you heard of these people? Probably because you wouldn’t believe them.

Sadly, they have been ignored and cast aside while loved ones are pumped full of deadly carcinogenic chemicals to kill cancer. We read about so many people dying from cancer. But, did they really die from cancer or did they die from the deadly, toxic chemicals pumped into their blood stream?

How is it that we willingly pump our bodies full of toxic carcinogenic chemicals and sit idly by as our loved ones weaken and become fragile? Their hair falls out, we buy them a wig and we pump them full of toxic carcinogenic chemicals again. They vomit so much that there is nothing left to vomit and they burst blood vessels in their eyes and we pump them full of toxic carcinogenic chemicals hoping to cure them. Then when the diarrhea becomes too much and their anus burns from the chemicals that were pumped into their blood stream we go ahead and pump them full of carcinogenic chemicals once again because this is the cure. We sit idly by watching them wither away becoming weaker by the day. All they do is sleep in bed and don’t even have the energy to lift up the remote control to change the channel on the television and we pump them full of carcinogenic chemicals once again because it will cure them.

We pump them full of toxic carcinogenic chemicals until the cancer has been annihilated. ‘Hallelujah!’ we cheer. The cancer has been destroyed along with the once healthy blood cells, tissues, organs and bones. Hooray, you survived cancer! Or, worse the cancer is gone and along with the cancer, so is your loved one. All of that suffering, for what? You have to ask yourself, did they really die from cancer or from the toxic carcinogenic chemicals that we allowed to be pumped into their veins as we sat idly by watching them suffer?

How many people die from the treatment rather than the disease? Has anyone ever asked that question? Oh, the chemotherapy killed your loved one, not the cancer. Sorry. Yet, we say they died from cancer. Ask your oncologist the next time you or a loved on goes in to be pumped full of that shit, ask them what the ingredients are and if it is really a cure. Go ahead and ask them.

Why is it that we are still searching for a cure after decades of research? With our advancements in technology why is it that a cure has eluded us? Maybe we need to look at the culprit, the cause if the disease. Once we identify the culprit and remove it from our lives cancer very well could be cured.

Nah! That’s not going to happen. It would devastate our economy and some of the biggest industries in the world. They will continue conducting their research as though they are looking for a cure and unbeknownst to you while they have the cure all along they will not reveal it because it is too dangerous and risky. God forbid the funding that these medical establishments receive is pulled. What then?

Sorry, back to my original question; Can people cough, sneeze and breathe healthy germs to make other people healthy? NO!!

So, why is it that you are steadfast in your belief that people can cough, sneeze and breathe unhealthy germs to make other people sick?

Come on! It’s time to take another look. But, you won’t. Why? Because you will get back in line with the herd. You will gladly attack your brothers and sisters who do not stand in line with you. All because of fear. It slaps you in the face, it spits in your face, it coughs in your face, it sneezes in your face and it breathes all over you, yet you cannot see it.

Study healthy people. Study healthy bodies. Study healthy germs. Study healthy thoughts. Study healthy minds. You will see the world in an entirely different way.

It is much easier to remain the same rather than change. Changing is very hard to do. It often flips everything on its head. What we believed is no longer true. Those who were once our friends are no longer there. Family and loved ones even abandon you. That’s okay. There will always be the mockers, the perplexed and the believers. The mockers will mock and may never change. The perplexed will remain perplexed. That’s okay. All it takes are the believers.

For those believers I thank you and am grateful for your love and support. For the mockers and perplexed I thank you, as well. And I send all of you love and forgiveness.

What you choose to see and believe will be.

Love and light.

T.E. Corner