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Are we so afraid of death that we forgot how to live? Silly humans.

Are we becoming inhuman/inhumane? Being human is about connection. Being human is about togetherness, about harmony yet we seem to be going the other way. Now that we believe in social isolation will we ever allow the human connection and harmony to return?

The days of prohibition were a big part of our history. Although it was a prohibition of a different sort today’s prohibition is a prohibition against being human and connecting. We work remotely allowing us to remain disconnected from people. We hold meetings over video believing we are connecting with people. Did you ever think you would be at a virtual happy hour drinking at home alone? Is this our future? Is this what was intended? Silly humans.

We sit in isolation in the safety of our homes in fear while we have no problem lighting up a cigarette, vaping, eating shitty food, and using devices which emit toxic radioactive waves all of which compromise the immune system gradually contributing to dis-ease and suddenly killing us. Why? The answer, convenience. We do the most inane things in the name of convenience. Silly humans.

Solitary confinement is used as a way to punish prisoners. But, when we call it ‘quarantine’ or ‘social isolation’ somehow this makes it okay. Why do we allow ourselves to be punished? Why do we allow ourselves to be placed in isolation, i.e. solitary confinement? And for what? Because we are afraid of a virus? We are willing to be inconvenienced by placing ourselves in solitary confinement….because we cherish life so much? Or, is that we place our faith in a fear of death?

Are you getting angry with me right now? Yep, I’m sure you are thinking that I am an idiot for saying this. We are in social isolation and wearing masks to save humanity, right? Because we could all die, right? I get it. But, I have to ask why?

When we hate our neighbors, when we hate the other person behind the wheel, when we hate the person writing an article expressing their opinion, when we hate our jobs, when we hate our boss, when we are stressed, when we are anxious, when we drink excessively to numb the pain…Why? What are we protecting? Our lives of misery? We fight so hard to protect our lives, lives that we secretly despise.

What are you fighting for? Why are you so angry? Why are you so afraid? The answer is death. We are so afraid of death, that we forget how to love and live. Silly humans.

If human beings are considered intelligent, times like these make our intelligence somewhat suspect. We seem to become less intelligent in the face of fear. Dr. Bruce Lipton even mentioned this in his book, The Biology of Belief. When humans are faced with a stressful situation, fight or flight, we become less intelligent, less clear minded. Our immune systems are even compromised. Hmm? We are so afraid that we do stupid things and this fear weakens our immune system. Hmm? A weakened immune system leads to dis-ease and possibly death. Hmm?

So, what are we doing? We are fighting. We are fleeing. This response is weakening our immune system during a time in which our immune systems need to be strong and resilient. Hmm? For being considered intelligent beings, we often display traits of idiocy. Silly humans.

Six feet…under. We wear scarves/masks over our faces and remain six feet apart, for what? What the fuck is a scarf going to do to save humanity? By the way, do you know how deep a grave is? Six feet! Hmm? Ironic, isn’t it? Social Distancing has been determined to be effective at exactly six feet. We bury our loved one’s six feet under! Hmm? Silly humans.

We allow our loved one’s to die alone, because of our fear of catching death. We isolate them in the hospital alone where loved ones are not allowed to visit. Two months of isolation. Two months of pain. Two months of death taunting a loved one, alone. And then they die alone.

We cannot be there for our loved one’s. Why? Because we are going to catch death? So, we abandon our faith. We abandon love. We abandon our fathers, mothers or children leaving them to suffer alone and often die alone. The only thing that is contagious is fear. Are we really okay abandoning our loved ones in a hospital for two months allowing them to die alone? Come on! We do the most idiotic things and accept them as tough they are okay. Silly humans.

So, what are we doing? What will we accomplish? Well, maybe we can stop isolating love. We could stop isolating and allow humans to connect they way we were intended. Stop hating. If our eyes only viewed the world in black and white would we judge our brothers and sisters they way we do today?

Things happen for a reason. Have you ever considered why this is happening? Look at all of the hatred in the world. Look at all of the stress. Look at all of the dis-ease. The irony is we are living longer, thus extending our hell on earth. We take and do not give. When we have the opportunity to give, we incinerate. We do not give because we are afraid. We live in a world of abundance, yet we have a mindset of lack and poverty and are not willing to give that abundance to others. Silly humans.

Greeting card companies incinerate their goods rather than give them away to someone in need. Restaurants dispose of perfectly good food rather than give it away to those who are starving on the streets. Even those who want to donate left over food are cast aside because people fear the worst. We’d rather risk someone dying of starvation rather than risk feeding them left over food. Really? This is a matter of teaching someone to fish rather than feeding them a fish.

Neighbors do not allow fellow neighbors, friends, or kids on their property out of fear of litigation if something were to happen. We must ride a bike with a helmet, while on training wheels. Seriously? The bike won’t fall over! Oh, but if it does you are fucked!

Patients cannot speak to a doctor about their condition and receive the doctor’s personal assistance. They must go though a system of mindlessness for what? To protect their practice from litigation? What are we protecting ourselves from?

Before you respond, please wait. There’s more! Too many of us find it easy to become upset and we instantly respond. This is a response based on the foundation of the ego, fear and hatred. What if you just walked away and thought about it for a moment without retaliating?

You probably can’t. You want to reply RIGHT NOW proving me wrong, telling me how much of an asshole I am. Don’t you? This is not about right and wrong. This is about love. I dare you to respond to my article from a platform of love rather than fear and hatred, all of which are the ego’s allies.

I write this article on Father’s day because I, too, am a father. I, too, am still learning to cast aside my ego and fear to do a better job of embracing love. I believe in you. I believe in our children. I believe in my brothers.

Especially coming from someone who has lived in the shadow of fear for years, I no longer confuse my intensity for anger. This change of perspective away from fear (anger) has shone a light on my intensity which is that of love.

Please know that through any raging storm of judgement, hatred and anger the sun is always shining and love is always at your side. All it takes is the willingness to let it in.

I will leave you with this: the next time a customer walks into a store I dare the employee to say, “Welcome! I am glad you are here.” Rather than, “Put your mask on!”

Stop treating fellow human beings as though they are criminals because you are afraid. Especially because you are most likely afraid of something you know very little about. A fear that has been ingrained in you from the media. A fear that has been handed down to you from a manager or a boss who is telling you what they have been told to say without even thinking about it or asking, “Why?”

Try this one out, “Welcome! We are glad you are here. Thank you for wearing your mask today we appreciate it.”

For those customers with a health condition who cannot wear a mask maybe you, the employee, business owner or manager, can try this one on for size; “Welcome! We are glad you are here. Do you have a mask you could wear?… I am sorry, I did not know you had a health condition. Please let me know what I can do to help while you are here. The health and safety of you and our customers is important to us. I wish you all the best.”

I have yet to walk into a store and have someone come up to me and say, “Thank for stopping in. We are glad you are here today.” 

Stop fighting for your limitations. Stop arguing over who is right or wrong. Silly humans. It is time, once again, for A Return to Love (Marianne Williamson).

Ok, clearly I am not done. I will leave you with this: Stop fearing death. If we are intended to no longer be, then it shall be. Go out today with faith instead of fear. If you wear a mask, wear it in faith not fear. If someone does not wear a mask do not attack them. Replace your fear with forgiveness and faith. Go out today looking upon the world with love.

Stop hating. Because your hatred of others is really a hatred of yourself. Once you peel away the layers of the ego, hatred and fear you will see that what you hate is your thought about that person or situation. It is impossible to hate someone, but it is very possible to hate the ideas we have about someone or a situation.

What if you awoke with no memory whatsoever of the past? What would you do? Would you hate your brother? Would you be free? Would you be free from what limits you?

Look at a child. Children enter the world knowing only love. They are introduced to our fears thus continuing this cycle of a faith in fear for generations. It is much easier to teach from a platform of fear and hate, rather than faith and love. It is us who teach our children to hate. Could it be you were taught to believe that you are not deserving because your parents were taught that they were not deserving? How absurd is it to tell a child that they are meant to be seen not heard? Silly humans.

We teach from a foundation of fear (which leads to hatred) because we believe it keeps us safe. Rather, it separates us. What we learn we teach others; the good, the bad and the ugly. Just because our parents, our teachers, our mentors said it was so does not make it so. I only know what I know because I was brought up in a certain way in a particular culture and it is difficult for people to see past this. It is difficult for people to question things. Rather we just go along with it because this is what we were told.

We place so much faith in our fear of death that we know not how to live. We do the most inane things to protect our lives. Lives that are lived in fear. Eventually we die after never truly knowing how to live and often dying with regret. Are you afraid of being wrong? I bet you are. Because I am right! (Okay, now I am just messing with you.) Silly humans.

Stop being afraid. Stop fearing death. Stop fearing life. Stop being afraid to love. I know because I have been down that path and it sucks! It is time for us to learn to love. Try it. I dare you! Those who are awakened can break the cycle. We can break free and learn to love again.

Okay, I will leave you with this. This is the last one: “Tomorrow morning, get up at four A.M. and go out onto the streets of Phoenix. Find someone who believes that he is alone and convince him that he’s not.” —Mother Theresa

Happy Father’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Social Connection day.

Love and light.

T.E. Corner