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I Have an Answer

Have you ever had the answer to something and wanted to share it with the world, but no one seemed to listen?

Maybe it was during the school days of your youth when you sat in class and had the answer to a question, or a great idea, and no one seemed to listen. Maybe you were in a business meeting when you had a great idea, or answer to a problem, and no one seemed to care.

Deep down you knew your answer, idea, or solution was life changing and would impact people for the better. You even jumped and shouted from the roof tops about how excited you were about your life changing idea, solution, or cure. Yet, no one cared. They ignored you because no one else was doing it and it was not talked about.

There it was in the palm of your hand. You held the answer to a big problem which over the long term would lead to great things, but the results were not immediate and did not fit into the current model therefore they shrugged off your idea.

Have you ever felt this way in life, class or work?

Well, in the business world many people have had great ideas which fell on deaf ears because their idea, concept, or solution could not be immediately monetized or did not fit into the current business model/approach.

Monetize it! In the business world, if you cannot monetize your idea, concept, or solution to show how it directly and immediately results in sales, profits etc., then your idea is dead in the water.

Despite the idea or answer being the best thing ever discovered that could in fact save lives and improve lives for the better, if it cannot be monetized and/or disrupts current economics and profits people turn their heads away. The idea, cure, or solution is completely disregarded, and people continue to suffer.

I have experienced this firsthand in the business world. Because of closed-minded and poor leadership many ideas and solutions were disregarded because they could not immediately be monetized, captured on a spreadsheet, and did not fit into the current business model.

I know of a man who has dedicated his life to helping improve people’s lives and in fact has saved lives. His intent has been to improve the world for the better. He has screamed from the roof tops and mountain tops, but has been dismissed, rejected, and even silenced.

Why? Because his ideas and cures disrupt the economic cycle. They are seen as a threat to profits and the bottom line. Despite holding the cure to dis-ease and suffering in the palm of his hand he has been blackballed repeatedly. But this man has not stopped. His strength and fortitude have kept him moving forward.

Was it not God’s Son Who was crucified because no one believed? Despite healing His brothers and sisters while embracing the cure to suffering, He was crucified. Why? Because no one else spoke about the things that He spoke of. He was a threat, and ultimately, He was crucified by His brothers and sisters from a vantage point of ignorance and fear.

To be clear, I am NOT saying that Dr. Robert O. Young is the Son of God, but his path and story share many parallels. Dr. Robert O. Young intends to heal, stop suffering, and show people another way to thrive.

Is it not ironic that Dr. Robert O. Young has been crucified for his beliefs and sharing the potential cures to dis-ease because he speaks of things that have not been embraced by the masses?

Personally, it took me many years to understand and accept His words and Dr. Robert O. Young’s words. All it takes is a new way of thinking and a new biology, breaking down barriers and resistance. When we understand that pain is a wrong perspective and awaken to our ability to change our perspective, our lives can and will change.

Thank you, Dr. Robert O Young, for your vision and strength to forge forward despite the continual resistance. You have been crucified, but still scream from the roof tops and mountain tops and I join you there.

I wish you love, light, and healing.

T.E. Corner

Boiling a Frog… Prove it!

A passerby says to a frog, ‘Hey, you better watch it!’

The frog replies, ‘Huh, watch what?’

Passerby, “You know, you are being boiled to death!”

“What are you talking about?” Comes the frog’s reply.

“The water you are in is slowly heating up and eventually will kill you!”

“No it’s not!” the frog retorts. “Prove it!”

“Well, it is clear the the water you are in is heating up. If you would just be willing to open your eyes to the tremendous amount of heat that is building up around you, maybe you will awaken to what is really going on.”

“And, what is that?” Comes the frogs reply with even more disbelief.

“That you are slowly being lulled to sleep. To be blunt, you are going to boil to death. The water you are in at the moment is very comfortable. It feels good, right?’

“Uh, yeah!” The frog responds with a ting of sarcasm and annoyance in his voice.

“That is what concerns me. Despite how pleasing and comfortable it currently is, eventually it will result in tragedy. And just because all of the other frogs are doing it doesn’t necessarily.…” he pauses.

“What?” The frog replies becoming exceedingly annoyed.

“I’m just saying that despite how good it feels and every other frog seems to be enjoying it, doesn’t necessarily mean it promotes your well being over the long term.”

“Hay pal! I don’t know what you are talking about. Until you have some proof or can explain to me in plain english what you are saying….mind your own business!” The frog groans.

“Okay. Sorry to have bothered you. I get it. You dismiss my friendly warning that you are boiling to death. Yet, you have no clue it is happening despite it is happening right before your very eyes,” the passerby pauses. “Just because no one else has taken the time to express their concerns, you simply will not believe it. I get that, too. I understand you will go back to you habitual ways and sit in your pot of water because it seems safe and you haven’t heard or seen any proof indicating otherwise, until…” the passerby stops speaking.

“Until What?” The frog asks in annoyance.

“Oh, nothing.”

“What do you mean, nothing?” The frog asks in frustration.

“Never mind. Forget I ever said anything,”

“Exactly! That’s what I thought all along!” Screams the frog.

“And what is that?”

“You have no proof of what you speak of. No one has indicated otherwise and all of my friends are doing the same thing. They are perfectly fine! But, you my friend. You seem to be the one who is wrong and misinformed!”

“Sorry, I ever bothered you,” the passerby concedes. “Whatever you decide, watch out for the scorpion,” he bows is head and continues on his way.

Sadly, the frog did boil to death. When he finally realized it, it was too late. Many of his friends did, as well. But, some got sick and eventually returned to the pot.

If only the frog was willing to suspend disbelief for the briefest of moments to consider another way. If the frog heeded the passerby’s warnings and considered another way, things could have ended up better for the frog. Even if the frog had proven the passerby to be wrong, no harm would have come to the frog. On the contrary, the frog might have learned of a better way to exist and enjoy life.

Hope versus fear.

Choosing happiness versus the need to be right.

Ease versus dis-ease.

Love versus hate. 

By the way, in case you are wondering, I am selling something. I have found another way. Unfortunately, it was after my wife’s diagnosis with stage-four non-Hodgkin lymphoma over fifteen years ago. The great news is that she found another way and chose not jump back into the pot. Our lives have been transformed as a result.

All I intend to do is show you another way. And if it means selling you something, so be it! I hope you can prove me wrong, but I doubt you will. Even if you do, I just might have saved you from boiling to death. Even better, I just might have shown you a different way to live and thrive.

I wish you love, health and happiness.

T.E. Corner