Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! (Part 4.0)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just downloaded another 2019 Goal Planning/Life Mapping worksheet! They are everywhere and they all look-alike!

Believe it or not I enjoy the process of goal planning and life mapping. It has become a fun task and I would dare say that it is fairly easy. Plus, I find it an amazing and empowering exercise in planning my future, my life and my success.

But, it can be a very painful and agonizing process. And it is truly very hard to successfully accomplish. The hard part is not writing down and capturing your goals, but truly believing in your goals and never giving up.

Around this time every year I open a goal planning/life mapping worksheet and stare at it mesmerized by the questions scattered across the pages. This is soon followed with analysis paralysis as I ponder the detail that is required to effectively answer the questions.

  1. What are your personal goals? What are your financial goals? What are your career goals?
  2. Why are they important to you?
  3. How will you implement a strategy to successfully accomplish your goals?

These simple questions can be so daunting. But, in order for it to be successful you must put a good amount of thought and detail into it.

Even more important than capturing your goals is your belief in them. Do you really believe in the goals you are setting for yourself? When you capture (write, type, speak, record..) your goals, pay attention to how you feel. Where in your body do you feel resistance, stress or even slight pain? Although you are saying you want to accomplish a particular goal your underlying belief system might be saying otherwise, that you will not achieve that goal.

Over the next few days we will look at the process of goal setting so you can avoid analysis paralysis. Next we will review mindset myths of goal (resolution) setting. After that we will take a look at ways you can break through any resistance  in your underlying thoughts and belief system.

I am glad you are here and I look forward to achieving happiness and success together!

Note: I started writing books to share ‘life lessons’ for my daughters (and anyone else who could benefit) so they could achieve inner peace, self acceptance and success early on in life.

In writing List for Santa, List for Life! my hope was to share the power of goal, or list writing, as a critical part of achieving all we desire in life. List for Santa, List for Life! is a children’s book, but it really is a book for people of all ages. 

The premise is about the first list of ‘goals’ Kylie, the story’s protagonist, ever captured in the form of her Christmas list. The key takeaway is about embracing the habit of writing lists (goals, resolutions, etc.) to achieve the things in life we desire.

Another critical aspect of successful goal setting is a positive mindset which is the theme of my second book, Positive Thoughts, Positive Life! This is a topic we will cover in future articles.