Resilience and Acceptance – A Mother’s Love

There was a celebration! It was on a Monday over twenty-nine thousand days ago. Twenty-nine thousand two hundred and twenty to be precise. Twenty-nine thousand sunrises to enjoy! Imagine that, twenty-nine thousand sunrises. Wow! Twenty-nine thousand days to wake-up and say, “I am proud of you.”  This week we celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday! Eighty sure pales in comparison to twenty-nine thousand two hundred and twenty.

Jim Rohn captured this so powerfully when he said, “I’ve got twenty more years. No…you’ve got twenty more times. If you go fishing once a year, you’ve only got twenty more times to go fishing. Not twenty years, that fakes you out…twenty times. Would I mumble and stumble. Would I give you less than my best?” (Jim Rohn link)

I am blessed to have a mother there to guide me for the past forty-eight years, dedicating half of her life to her children. As I write this, the Japanese proverb ’Fall seven times, stand up eight’ comes to mind. Here’s something to ponder, could the words ‘With the love of mother and father’ be added?

 Our mother and father taught us love, acceptance and finding the best in ourselves and others. I am finally noticing and enjoying each sunrise. Every waking moment I am learning to say “I am proud of you.”

What are you doing with your days?

Happy birthday!