Hey! You Gonna Write About This?

“Hey! You gonna write about this?” the words floated from the phone.

“Are you kidding me? Of course!” I enthusiastically cheered to my friend John Knowles, host of the What’s That Like? Podcast.

I knew this was worth writing about. It would be an honor to write about it,….but after recording the podcast, and after listening to it, the following question arose; “What else is there to write about?”

We laid everything out for the world to hear on John’s podcast. Over seventy-seven minutes I reveal my life, my fears, my anger, my doubt….ultimately revealing my strength [your strength]! What else was there to reflect on?

Well, if you are reading this you know that I am gonna write about it and I am gonna go a little deep. It was as though each precious minute we spent together represented seventy-seven individual forms of release from, and forgiveness for, the nearly one-hundred self-inflicted scars from my past. This was a past I laid out for the world to read in the thirty-three thousand words of my memoir, Borrowed Eyes and Feet – Finding Enlightenment After Rage.

We spoke about life, dreams, fears, the past, the future, friendship, the “What?” and the “Why?” of life. I found forgiveness for most of the scars from my past, yet a few still lingered. Undeterred, I continue my journey towards forgiveness for all that remains.

So, what am I gonna write about? Stay tuned, for this is just the beginning and I will leave you with this to ponder, “Will we ever be free from our scars [from our past]?” 


John does an amazing job interviewing guests. Those who are good at conversation and interviewing make it appear simple, that anyone can do it. This is far from the truth. Months before John and I spoke about how easy it appears to be, which is something he takes for granted. He is excellent at conversation. He is excellent at allowing his guests to speak. He is excellent at keeping the dialogue moving and ferreting out the tidbits and gems from his guests which ultimately keeps you listening. My interview was no different.

The topic of being a guest on John’s What’s That Like? Podcast was something we spoke about doing for quite some time. When the day and time was upon us for the actual interview, we spoke for an hour on the phone before officially hitting the record button and once the interview was finished we spoke for yet another hour. (Next time we will have to press the record button so we can then reveal what hit the cutting floor. Maybe an encore Podcast is in our future? Hmm.)

I have nothing to write about because this is something for you to hear about.

Thank you for your friendship!