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Tell Me I Can Do It

“Tell me I can do it.” I said to my friend as we were about to embark onto the next routine in our workout of the day. The words You’re tired, You can’t do it, You are going to get hurt flashed through my mind, then I turned towards my friend, smiled and said “Tell me I […]

Not My Dis-ease

When the memoir, Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?, was first published I was thrilled to share it with friends, family and colleagues. I couldn’t get the book in people’s hands fast enough. When the book was finally in the hands of many of our friends and family, I waited. I anxiously awaited feedback or a […]

My Review (What Do You Fear?)

This week I am writing to Thank you! for your love and support. It is a somewhat overwhelming task to write a book, and even more so when writing about something so personal as my wife’s experience. In my previous post, Not my Dis-ease, I captured a few of the responses from friends and family regarding the memoir. The […]

Resilience and Acceptance – A Mother’s Love

There was a celebration! It was on a Monday over twenty-nine thousand days ago. Twenty-nine thousand two hundred and twenty to be precise. Twenty-nine thousand sunrises to enjoy! Imagine that, twenty-nine thousand sunrises. Wow! Twenty-nine thousand days to wake-up and say, “I am proud of you.”  This week we celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday! Eighty […]