Boiling a Frog… Prove it!

A passerby says to a frog, ‘Hey, you better watch it!’ The frog replies, ‘Huh, watch what?’ Passerby, “You know, you are being boiled to death!” “What are you talking about?” Comes the frog’s reply. “The water you are in is slowly heating up and eventually will kill you!” “No it’s not!” the frog retorts. […]

Joie de Vivre, Living with a Ravenous Thirst for Life: “When our minds are clear and we are free of misguided energy amazing things happen” with Tom Corner and Dr. Marina Kostina

The Mosh Pit of Your Mind — If we understand that our thoughts create things and that more than 50,000 thoughts flit through our minds on a daily basis, we then must be very attentive to what and how we feed our minds. This is analogous to a mosh pit at a rock ’n roll concert. If […]

Get your head in the clouds Why it’s important to exercise your imagination – WeightWatchers by Sarah Munn

“Our imaginations are what allow us to accomplish things in life that we never thought possible,” says author and motivational speaker Tom Corner. “Using our imaginations is what allows us evolve,” he says. “Our imaginations allowed us to land on the moon. Our imaginations allowed us to create the smartphone.” Read the full article: Click […]

Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! (Part 5.0)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! Are you still there? How are your resolutions going? You didn’t give up already, did you? When approaching our resolutions, goal planning, life mapping (even business planning, research and writing articles) you may find it helpful to approach it in a two step process of Review & Reflect (start simple) and then expand it […]

Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! (Part 4.0)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just downloaded another 2019 Goal Planning/Life Mapping worksheet! They are everywhere and they all look-alike! Believe it or not I enjoy the process of goal planning and life mapping. It has become a fun task and I would dare say that it is fairly easy. Plus, I find it an amazing and […]

Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! (Part 3.0)

Welcome back to Part 3.0 Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! Seriously, don’t stop setting resolutions. Just change your expectations — At the outset I mentioned that I stopped making resolutions years ago. But, I really didn’t. Yes, I grew tired of failed resolutions. I grew tired of hearing the same resolutions year after year. But, the simple […]

Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! (Part 2.0)

Welcome back! In Part 2.0 Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! we will take a look at Real Change and Right Mindset. #2 Real Change, Right Mindset — Real change as Tony Robbins has mentioned happens when the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain to change. Allow me to elaborate, real change must also be […]

Resolutions, hooray! Oh crap! (Part 1.0)

I am a little early, but Happy New Year! Did you make your resolutions? I have news for you. I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in years! I never quite understood the practice especially upon hearing the usual culprits year after year; lose weight, start exercising, stop drinking, start eating healthier, stop smoking, and […]

Hey! You Gonna Write About This?

“Hey! You gonna write about this?” the words floated from the phone. “Are you kidding me? Of course!” I enthusiastically cheered to my friend John Knowles, host of the What’s That Like? Podcast. I knew this was worth writing about. It would be an honor to write about it,….but after recording the podcast, and after listening […]

No, I am not interested!

“Hello! Here is a little information about my latest book.” Grasping to a bookmark about my latest book I reach out to a passerby, extending my arm, my life, my vulnerability.  “No, I am not interested!” Was the reply from this guy who didn’t even break his gaze to acknowledge me. Crap! The heck with […]