Tom Corner

Author & Visionary Leader

Vision: Tom is a very motivated professional with a lifetime of experience in the people business. His success is multifaceted as a family man, business professional and inspirational author. He has welcomed success into his life in pursuit of his dreams and desires of attracting love, laughter and abundance into his life.

Although we are presented with challenges every day, in the workplace and in our personal lives, Tom believes that we can all have a positive impact. The key to this success is that we work together in a trusting and positive environment while providing continual support and encouragement to those around us.

Residence: Media, Pennsylvania

Hobbies/Interests: Physical & Mental health, proper nutrition counseling, spiritual & meditative arts.

Author: Tom published his first children’s book in August 2014; List for Santa, List for Life!

His follow-up publication Positive Thoughts, Positive Life! was released in the Fall of 2015

New publications as of 2017

  • Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays? – A Memoir
  • ​Life is Fine, When You are Aligned! – The Next Edition in his Children’s Book Series about our friend Kylie!
  • Upcoming publications Fall 2018
  • Borrowed Eyes & Feet – A Memoir

Spouse: Pam Corner

  • Leader: Pam manages the household and the daily activities of their beautiful daughters; Grace (age 11) and Jordan (age 9) and Zoey (age 5).
  • Athlete & Coach: She is a passionate tennis player and has been the coach for her daughter’s softball team.
  • Musician: Pam is a seasoned musician playing piano and alto saxophone bringing people together with her music. She is passing her legacy of music on to her daughters.
  • Health Coach: She has made it her personal mission to better understand how proper nutrition mitigates illness and can lead to a more enjoyable life. She takes pride in sharing her insight with her family, friends and acquaintances.

Children: Grace (age 11), Jordan (age 9), Zoey (age 5)

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