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The pre-eminent guide and life influencer for leaders, students, athletes and employees on getting out of their own way in business and life to achieve the ‘impossible.’ Because nothing is impossible and there is possibility in everything.

Uncover what is possible in the seemingly impossible:
1) The Amazing A’s of Awareness
2) Eraser Bear & the Barrel o’ Fears
3) The Mosh Pit of Your Mind
4) The 3 Best Things
5) Say it & Feel it

“The only failure in life is our inability to fail with pride and dignity.”

“Because nothing is impossible and there is possibility in everything.”

“The only failure in life is our ignorance and inability to find our strength in failure.”

“Success is for losers because no one who has ever succeeded has never failed.”

“We wait for our tomorrows to celebrate our yesterdays. Why not celebrate today? All that is guaranteed is the gift of the present moment.”

Published Works

List for Santa, List for Life!

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Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!

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Life is Fine, When You Are Aligned!

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Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays? (a memoir)

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Borrowed Eyes and Feet – Finding Enlightenment After Rage (a memoir)

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